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Data protection is vital for every business, but especially yours. At, we take every measure possible to ensure your data is protected and safe.

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Data Security

100% of's application servers and data are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the USA. Amazon provides an extensive list of compliance and regulatory assurances, including SOC 1-3, and ISO 27001. stores all sensitive information (including all uploaded content) on AWS S3 controlled buckets with access through cryptographic encryption keys.

We use industry-standard AWS-managed RDS and Elasticsearch data storage systems.

Network Security's networks are shielded from malicious bots, zero-day exploits and cyber attacks by 142 Tbps of DDoS protection and Cloudflare's Web Application Firewall (WAF).

All connections to are encrypted using SSL, and any attempt to connect over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS.

Our engineering team continuously focuses on staying current with OWASP Guidelines and actively sweeps for potential vulnerabilities.'s web application architecture and implementation are secured through least privilege, defense in depth and effective authentication & authorization.

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Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning utilizes Datadog to actively monitor for triggered security signals to prevent and mitigate cyber threats in real-time. also uses Snyk to monitor vulnerabilities in code repositories, open source dependencies, container images, infrastructure as code configurations, and cloud environments.

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